23590_109234605773446_4374770_nWell, where do I start.  My experience in baking started as most have in my mother’s kitchen and at my sister’s house especially during the holidays.  I began my baking experience at the age of 11.  It started with the holiday seasons making cookies and cakes for Christmas.  Then I had to make the crust for the sweet potato pies and was taught by my mother how to flute the edges.  From that point my late sister, Dot was running a restaurant and she had me baking mini sweet potato, apple and peach pies.  I had to do everything from rolling the crust, putting it in the mini pans, fluting the edges, putting the filling in and if it needs a top crust do that too.  So as a preteen, I gained experience in the restaurant business.

When I took Home Economics in high school, my favorite portion was learning how to   bake various items whether it was learning how to make pizza crust, homemade rolls or cakes from scratch.  I took a break on baking while I was in college but started up again when I moved back home after I graduated.  It was pies, cakes, and cookies all over again.

When I moved to Columbus, Ohio, I wanted a sweet potato pie, but I didn’t know how to make the filling.  I tried purchasing pies in the area, but it wasn’t my mother’s or my sister’s pies.  I was entertaining my entire family for Thanksgiving in 1989.  I cooked the entire dinner.  When it was time for me to make the dessert, I asked my mother for her sweet potato pie recipe. When I finished baking them, she said, “Those are pretty Vickie.”  She passed away 6 weeks later.  And I’m no different than most.  I won’t share the recipe.

I catered our office Thanksgiving potluck and one of my late friends, Mr. Robbin Kirkland said, “You need to sell these pies.”  This is where the idea started.  It took a long time to find a name. I can give credit to my late niece, Micheon for giving my company the name.  She was on a trip helping her great grandmother sell fudge at the fair.  Her grandmother took her to one of the food stands and told her to try one of the vendor’s sweet potato pie.  Micheon said, “That tastes ok, but you have to try my Aunt Vickie’s sweet potato pie.  It’s better”

As you can tell from reading my bio, I’ve had a lot of influence from family members and friends who are no longer here.  Although they didn’t get to see the progress, I have to take this opportunity to thank them for believing in me and supporting my dream.